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Garnett Cyber Tour:

One of the first things you notice about Garnett and the surrounding community as we begin our tour is the priority we place on maintaining a smalltown rural persona with great modern amenities. The quality of life this mix produces is the treasure of our community, and as you meet both our longtime residents and newcomers, they'll tell you that's exactly why they've chosen to make Garnett their home.

Imagine a leisurely evening walk along Garnett's Fourth Avenue where stately turn-of-the century homes still stand in their splendor, and where carriage houses from nearly a century ago still comprise some of the back yards. And in only a few moments, our path takes us into one of the city's modern subdivisions, with upscale new homes adjacent to a beautifully kept 9-hole golf course. Regardless if you're buying new, building, renovating one of our period homes or renting for a temporary work assignment, Garnett has a myriad of housing options for your every desire.

Near town and throughout the rest of Anderson County, our agricultural heritage is evident as working farms and ranches exemplify the values and work ethic that formed the backbone of Midwestern society. Various cultures combine in our rural communities to knit a fabric of diversity and cooperation, bound by the common spirit of both farmer and tradesman of a job well done.

But it's not all work and no play on our cyber stroll. Garnett residents and visitors enjoy an abundance of fishing and water sports with three city lakes within a short drive. A 9-hole golf course and a 33-mile off-road hiking and biking trail are also just around the block, and a well-organized baseball and softball complex and outdoor shooting range highlight the city's largest park. If history is your cup of tea, tour a century-old home once owned by a prominent local physican, or our local county history museum, with private walk-throughs available by appointment. Our county courthouse, on the town square, is listed on the National Historic Register, and our city library is heir to the art collection formerly belonging to New York collector Maynard Walker.

No community assessment could be complete without a look at schools. The local school district reflects the diversity and traditionalism of the rest of the community, with a low student/teacher ratio and examples of investment in modern facilities and equipment acquisitions that are right on the techno edge.

The city also offers a well-developed business community with discount stores, three banks, two well-stocked grocery stores,speciality shops, convenience stores and antique and gift shops. A shop near town even makes horse buggies!

For more information on Garnett, contact the Garnett Area Chamber of Commerce at (785) 448-3121, or mailto:gacc@terraworld.net